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A Focused Customer Onboarding Experience

A common mistake in the asset recovery industry is offering the same methods of communication, the same timelines, and the same service for each customer. This process leads to inefficient efforts, wasted resources, and above all — a negative customer experience.

With Knowledge Recovery from Complete Recovery, your customers receive service tailored to their specific needs, mitigating the need for unnecessary outreach and improving the customers’ overall experience. Each customer is contacted at strategic times for appropriate and timely education on new processes and service features.

An integral step in Knowledge Recovery is customer outreach through strategic surveys. Depending on your business and your customers, surveys can cover customer service, company knowledge, policies, and helpfulness through the onboarding process, as well as initial satisfaction with the product. Some business owners wait until they see sales volume drop before they begin to integrate customer surveys. But that may be too late to retain customers. Early reviews offer an opportunity for your customers to either sing your praises, or voice concerns before they are at risk to seek service elsewhere. Now, potential service adoption issues are detected early and quickly relayed back to you.

Organizing a survey is the first step in assessing your customers’ reactions to your business. Following through after receiving their feedback ensures their satisfaction and your business’s growth. Using the gathered data, you can validate decisions and make informed changes in products or services to maximize your customer retention. Learn more about knowing where to improve and finding solutions with Customer Recovery.