When customers leave or move on, don’t leave valuable equipment or assets floating.

Realize up to


increase in revenue due to investments in reverse logistics processes.

Enlist our complete range of services today and maximize the value of each and every customer.



Assets back in your hands, confidence in your mind

Asking for your stuff back can be awkward. Some find it easier to say goodbye to whatever goods they’ve lost and replace them. Complete Recovery makes this process simpler for you by simplifying the returns process across multiple channels and return mechanisms.

Complete Recovery works to offer simple and effective ways to motivate asset return without leaving a bad brand taste for customers. We have nurtured relationships with industry shipping providers to simplify the equipment recovery process and offer smoother, convenient return options, yielding a higher success rate.

We are industry leaders in asset recovery services and provide a tremendous return on lost equipment revenue. The customer service focus improves the likelihood that a customer could return at a later date. Learn more about our approach to customer service by visiting our page on Customer Recovery.

Great economic benefit comes from reducing valuable leased asset loss. You should be able to feel good about the impact your business has on the world. By reclaiming your materials and reusing, recycling, or selling the product, a business can save money that would have been spent on replacing the products.

Studies have shown that investments in reverse logistics processes can result in a revenue increase of up to 15%. Additionally, up to 80% of equipment asset value can be recovered with asset reuse.

By simplifying the returns process across multiple channels and return mechanisms, realizing the economic benefit of reducing valuable leased asset loss, and simplifying operational concerns with fully integrated reverse logistics management, Complete Recovery can help you get materials back in your hands and confidence on your mind.