Don’t let compliance regulations hold back your business growth.


of customers stated they intended to purchase the merchandise when they entered into the agreement.


Complete Recovery works with Snap Finance to ensure compliance with industry regulations around returns of leased or rent-to-own goods. Our work to ensure compliance allows Snap Finance to focus on their broader business goals and growth rather than figuring out a complicated in house solution. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work to streamline your rent-to-own industry asset recovery processes.

Complete Recovery is well versed in all industry regulations and compliance issues for the rent-to-own space across the United States. Our full spectrum approach protects rent-to-own companies against both compliance issues and maximize the value of goods being returned for any reason.

Smoother Product Onboarding

Better customer onboarding increases usage rates and full product adoption.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Find ways to work with customers to maximize lifetime customer value.

Higher Equipment Recovery Rates

Get back more of your valuable equipment for reuse or resale.

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