Comcast Case Study

Let’s go back to 2020. COVID-19 hits sending a global workforce home. Suddenly everyone needs high-speed Internet because work, school, and entertainment is all happening at home. Millions of customers struggle to pay their bills, meanwhile technology shortages create challenges for serving new subscribers. Comcast has a huge opportunity to grow their client base if they can somehow keep inventory high. Yet while new equipment is hard to come by millions of dollars worth of equipment sits unused in current and former client homes. Enter Complete Recovery. Through an innovative process of multi-point contact, our Complete Recovery staff connects with customers to encourage and facilitate equipment recovery and at the same time keep subscribers actively connected whether that means enrolling them in a payment plan or right-sizing their products so they can afford them. By partnering with Complete Recovery more than 2 million modems were returned allowing Comcast to turn the global crisis into a universal opportunity.